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I bought a performance thermostat from sharkracing for my 05 accent i installed and it wouldn't stop over heating. So I reinstalled the stock thermostat and it is still over heating. any help would be nice thanks
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is it showing ultra hot as soon as the key is on? If so you broke the temp sensor. If thats not the case then are you sure everything went back together right. Another thing did you get all of the air out of the system/refill the system? Can you give more information about how/when/why/etc its overheating?
no its fine driving for about 3-5min. seems to start getting hot when it rev 3krpm or higher then slow down. temp shoot's up real fast after that. coolant is topped off.
do you think i should try flushing the system nd see if that helps? i doubt i some how broke the temp sensor on both thermostats installing them. I'm just lost at this point. the fan kicks on and never goes off couple minutes later the temp just sky rockets. if i turn off the car heat drops super fast until it reaches half way.
performance thermostat? Why not just REMOVE the thermostat... :paranoid: (waits for pro-thermostaters to attack)

the temperature sensor is not part of the thermostat.

It looks like the sensor is malfunctionning. Try simply unclipping the connector and clipping it back on. SOmetimes a light layer of corrosion causes excess impedance.

Did you do any electrical work?
The reason I asked that was when ryanolson did his swap a buddy of his broke the sensor. With the sensor damaged it showed hot as soon as the key was on. Jed the sensor on those cars is right next to the thermostat. Wouldn't be very hard to smack it with a wrench and mess it up.

As far as the removal of the thermostat. Do you think its a good idea on an iron block with an aluminum head?
I know where the temperature sensor is on a alpha motor. I also know that a short to ground will cause a HOT reading on the gauge cluster, just like in a Pony when I broke mine.

I also have aluminum heads and an iron block. I run without it. Saves the water pump impellers from trying to force fluid through a tiny vent lock when the thermostat is closed. If you dont have one, coolant rushes right through it anyways. I don't see a need for a thermostat when it's 90 degrees outside.

I just don't use that car in the winter. It would take forever to warm up properly in colder temperatures.
I'm not even going to comment on the removal of the thermostat.. Check see what temp your car is actually running to rule out if it's the gauge or not.. Stick a thermometer in the antifreeze while it's running.. If it's running 180 then it's ok.. If not then you know you have another issue..Also check make sure your radiator fan is comming on also. Or should he remove that too Jed118? lol..

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i placed the stock t-stat back flushed the system and it seems fine now..i think i'll try putting the SR t-stat back in tomorrow.and see what happens
Originally posted by imcastock
I'm not even going to comment on the removal of the thermostat..
Because it is clear that you have no idea what the benefits of it are.

No real benifits for normal driving situations.. Racing maybe but you still need heat in the engine to make good power. Other wise your just dumping fuel and not burning it. Since the coolant sensor might not let the ecu go into closed loop. Operating temp for most racing engines are still 160-180 degrees.. With todays cylinder heads you get better performance at higher temps..
for Future reference to eveyone out there
he paid 50 dollars for a 160 degree therm
I paid 4.99 from pepboys for mine

they do and will work the same
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