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thinking about swapping beta 1 head wt/a cvvt head from 06 tib 2.0l

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im thinking about swapping a 06/2.0 cvvt head with my beta1 head.i checking on how to wire up and possible ecu.i have friends that swap honda non v-tec to v-tec by ecu and wiring the solenoid to the the comp might be more or less.the cvvt motor has like 150hp.when i find more out ill let people know.suggestions welcome.
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i say go for it and than let us know how it works
You have to get the ECU that goes with the head... and it might be a direct plug in.. if not... Get a wireing diagram and hard wire it. It shouldnt be that hard at all.
im going to start after i get back from vac.i got the head/im still trying to locate a ecu.i have the hma spec book.thanks for post.8D
well whan you do it post a lot of pic and a how to for some people
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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