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This is what happens when a metal piece enters the turbo housing!!

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Something entered my turbocharger's housing and it ended up like this... byebye t15 :(

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wow. You were running an air filter right? Time to upgrade =-)
I've got a T3 lying here with a compressor blade that looks like that. I was planning on buying a new wheel and having it rebuilt, are you gonna do something like that?
No I won't as the t15 ain't worth repairing. I'll go with a t25. Tell me from what car it'll fit the scoupe manifold and I won't have any clearance issues.
You have to go with a t25 that has the standard garrett flange (not t3 type). Almost any nissan turbo will work. You shouldnt have slave cylinder clearance issues since the intake side of the turbo will point the opposite direction (points right toward your alternator, that will have to be solved by a 90degree bend). It wont mess with the slave cylinder though.
wow.. I thought I was going for a turbo that is in the same side as the t15. I need the exhaust side on the left and the intake side on the right not the opposite. How the t25 from a nissan will do this if it bolts right up?
get a nissan pulsar gtir t28. its a big t28

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Ouch! Sorry to hear that. Hopefully you get your car up and running real soon.
*tosses a few videos from the suicide girls your way*

there there, now it's all better
.......any bits go thru the motor????

If they did and they were of a size to cause any sort of damage, expect a couple of mildly bent valves as well....and worst case, a bruised piston... but if the parts shattered into fine bits, less damage if any... but still check anyways..

Bummer man...:dead:
Actually it was a small screw that entered the turbo housing. Must fell or sth while I was changing my hoses and made this damage. Fortunately nothing passes through the huge intercooler except air. Sh!t I'm lucky...
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