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This turbo conversion thing?

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Ok, I've read the Hyper auto club report on the scoupe turbo conversion. To get the compression ratio down to 7.5:1 I'd have to put in the turbo Scoupe pistons in my non Scoupe. The piston diameter of the Scoupe is 75.470mm and the Scoupe turbo's piston is 75.465mm, how would I be able to put the turbo piston to fit or could I swap the entire top end of the Scoupe for the Turboed top end. Next is spark plugs that have to be 2 heat settings lower than the Scoupe nonturbo, but I don't think this will cause a problem to change them. The oil sprays for cooling the pistons that are in the turbo Scoupe engine, can they be put into the Scoupe nonturbo engine in some way. I would also have to change the camshaft would that create a problem? Next is the air flow meter which I don't think will be a problem to change. Neither would the 2 engine temperature sensors. The other problem I have is with the Ignition system. It says that the Scoupe turbo has a standard distributor to control spark timing and the nonturbo has a fully electronic ignition. Can this be switched over or does it even have to be switched? Then the ECU, can I just use the Scoupe turbo one or do I have to get a new Eprom chip programed or use an aftermarket one like Motec? Then I put in the Mass Air Pressure (MAP) sensor, hopefully with no problems. Then change the fuel injectors. If you have any input on this please help. Also, I could save alot of trouble by just swaping the block of the engine right? If you know if the Scoupe turbo block fits where the nonturbo block goes please let me know.

thanks in advance!
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If you have a mitsu engine originally, you'll have to stick with a mitsu engine.

The only way he could swap a 2.0L Beta in is if he had a Hyundai motor originally.

The 4G63T would be a VERY good choice for a swap into an Excel.

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I own a 94 excel. how hard would it be to swap a mitsu 2.0 16v turbo engine in...what adjustments am I guna need to make? obviously some suspension work. I was thinking mabey good shocks, struts and a lowering kit...15" alloys....for the engine....I was ecu, harness...also mine is a 5 speed...will the tranny be able to handle the Hp gains? thanks..all info about a swwap to my car..would be great...what a SLEEPER it would be :)

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