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throttle bodies

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are these worth getting and what sort of improvement should i see on a 1.5 mvi accent?
and how is are they to fit?


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I'm running a Tiburon Throttlebody and MAF sensor on my 95 Accent/Excel. Makes a pretty big difference. Only problem though is that it isn't getting as much fuel as it should.

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I'm fixing my fuel problem via a TEC II that I just bought. Rudy's right too, a in-line fuel pump with larger injectors will work too. Maybe a fuel pressure regulator on top of that. I'll probably do a fuel pump down the line.
In order to fit the Tib throttlebody you will have to get custom fabrication done to the flange of the Intake manifold.
Here's the math:

Aluminum welded around edge of flange
new bolts tapped in
+ smooth out the welds to clean it up
= Bling Bling $$$

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1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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