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Throttle Body

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Hey pplz,
I have a 2001 lc accent and im wondering if i can change the throttle body and replace with one of of another hyundai thats bigger. The standard 1 is 48mm and i want to no if i can use the throttle body off of an elantralantra as they are 50mm standard.

Im looking for someone that can remap the ecu so i can advance the timing and make it run a little richer but i dont want to go aftermarket until she gets turboed.

Thanks guys any help would be oviously be helpful as im new to the hyundai scene.

Cheers Mick.
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I just emaild the boys at psc so wait to hear what they say.

I might just change the tb all together and make a custom plenium.
i'm not aware of any bolt-on relpacements from the beta motor or bigger that will marry up. most of the beta stuff suits the X3 excells, damn it.
i could be wrong but.

your best bet i believe is to have your OEM one bored out. bearing in mind for best results your intake manifold may have to be modified to match & cope with the "extra" air.
so what bigger throttle body is a bolt on for my X3 SOHC?
twin cam one will bolt up to a single cam.
For the ECU side, just pick up a SAFC from Apexi and call it done.

Worked wonders for me, although I turned down the mixture cause Hyundais run pig *** rich.
well ive been told that the DOHC throttle body of the '98+ excel's doesnt fit?
i havent tried it, but can somebody confirm that it actually does?
if it doesn', what DOHC throttle body does then?
nope dohc throtle body is completely different!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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