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Throttle Sticking around 2500 RPM

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I put in a new motor since the old one locked up. Since then the TB sticks and I have to pull the gas pedal back to make the rpms come down. I have adjusted both the throttle and the cruise control cables until they are both real loose but it still does it. I have a 2000 tibby, any ideas?
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to me it still sounds like a cable problem. maybe just get a new cable becase it still sounds like it is not retracting properly. or maybe a new TB all together.
If it isn't the cable...

Remove the throttle body & make sure it's clean around the butterfly; sometimes oil & gunk can make it stick.

If that doesn't help, try filing the edges of the butterfly down so that the contact with the inner walls of the TB is good.

At worst, it may be that the butterfly has worn & is now slightly too small... you might need to have a new butterfly made up.
When I swapped the motors it originally had the TB that came with the new motor. It did the RPM thing then so I figured the TB was bad so I swapped the one from the old engine because I knew that one worked fine. It did it with that one too so I figured it was the cables. I played with them and thatb didn't work. So here I am asking for any additional suggestions
if i was you, take it straight to the mechanic.
and get it over and done with.
Not everyone has endless funds like you man, lol

check the throttle pulleys, i had a similar thing happen to me a few times, one time my idle bypass hose was holding the pulley open. another time was after i put my dual rail in and the throttle body pulley was hitting a wiring loom that is attached to the back of the firewall.

For the first problem i got rid of by moving the idle bypass, second problem i had to remove the cruise pulley...
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