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tibby trans need help?

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I swapped a 2000 beta 1 motor and a 2001 tiburon transmission into my 96 elantra and Im getting a knocking noise when I accelerate, decelarate and hit bumps. I think its from the axles which are the original 96 units in the differtial. Does the 2001 tiburon use a different size axle than the earlier tibs and elantras. The knocking might also be my steering racks inner tie rod. I want to fix this befor I end up on the side of the road or worst. Help?
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have you checked to make sure yor engine mouts are all tight in particular the top right (nearest to the pulleys) this can cause a knock that can be heard on near by components.
yeah all the mounts are tigh. I really think its the axles but I hope its not. do you know if the ales from the 01 tibby are different from the 96 elantra
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