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Hi guys,

Some of us guys at are having another meet this month after the successful and fun meet last month at the Glendora Mountain Road.

This time, the meet will be help at the infamous Mulholland Highway ("Bad Boy Drive") mountain road up in the Santa Monica mountains. The date is for January 25th, 2009, at 12PM.

If you are interested in checking out fellow Tiburon owners' rides and get to know and make some new friends who share a similar passion, come check out this thread and sign up!

Official Orange County Thread - Page 11 - Forums

In case the link doesn't work, just go to, go into Forums, scroll down the page until you see the Regional section, and go in Southwest USA. Once in the Southwest section, go to the Official Orange County thread and go to the last page.

Currently, we have 16 cars signed up.

Basically, the overview is:

(1) Meet up by 12 PM at Duke's Malibu restaurant and chill, chat, take photos, and grab something to eat.
(2) Drive to Mulholland Highway together in a caravan.
(3) Make a stop somewhere then take more photos, shoot some drive-by videos, etc.

If you interested, sign up and meet your fellow Tibby owners!!

-Optimummind (David)
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