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Tiburon Turbo

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Hi all,

I have been reading some of the questions and comments about the Turbo upgrades for Tibby's and other Hyundais.

I have built a Tiburon Turbo, the strongest in South Africa so far, we have made 210KW and 440NM at 0.5bar boost and will be looking to up the boost to 1.0bar soon. (14.7PSI) We are expecting over 350KW and 700NM plus.

I have photo's of the project in it's various stages, aswell as the individual components. If anyone has any questions or needs any advise on what to use or how to place the components, I will be more than willing to assist you.

Please could others that have also T/charged their Hyundais also share this so that I can perhaps learn more from you.

Please could you also inform me how to post a picture on this post, I can't seem to work this out....

Tiburon Turbo 350KW and 700NM AKA Black Monster
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UFB: If I could, I would kiss you right now! <img src=/images/forums/snitz/smile.gif width=15 height=15 border=0>

This would seems to be a good/cheap way for boost needs. I guess we'll just wait a bit until the I-Chip is fully released then we'll see.

Thanks a lot pal! <img src=/images/forums/snitz/thumbup.gif width=25 height=18 border=0>

(BTW, I previously sent you an e-mail...did you received it?)

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UFB: Thanks a lot for sharing the info :) The I-Chip really seems good, and $650 for a complete ECU replacement is pretty good if you ask me :) I think we'll do what Bjurr just told you, and wait for the I-Chip to be completed. Anyway, we don't need the ECU that quick, so a couple of months won't kill us. Thanks again! <img src=/images/forums/snitz/thumbup.gif width=25 height=18 border=0>

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HAHAHA<img src=/images/forums/snitz/laugh.gif width=15 height=31 border=0> no problem guys, I will let you all know when the I-chip is finally released and tested! I will also try to get a test Tiburon Turbo to test it on if possible (no promises here) and then send you my comments and suggestions.


Have a FANTASTIC NEW YEAR'S Party - be safe!

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I've been following you on fx I just wanted to know if you where planing on relising a step by step video, so the avrage person can install your kit. And would you be willing to do a drop and play type kit. in other words you would build the engin supplied with every thing you would need to drop it right in the car hook it up and go. What would the cost of this be and would you be willing to do this?

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The photographed installation manual is extremely comprehensive and very simple to follow, it is in step by step format also! The time needed to tape and then edit an installation video tape is very intensive and will not benefit the enthusiast much more than the photographed installation manual.

Remember, this kit is designed to be both easy and quick to install! The average person who has a passion for cars/mechanics with a basic understanding and limited experience in a workshop/garage will be able to install this kit with no problems! Remember there are no specialized machining, or egineering required to install this kit! The only "specialized" procedure that not every man in the street might not have is a gas welding set. (Oxygen and Accetalene) to weld on the oil return from the Turbocharger to the sump.

Regarding the drop ship comment - we wouldn't mind doing this at all, in fact it would be first prize if we COULD do this with all our customers, simply because of the time savings....BUT and this is a very BIG but...!

The cost to ship an engine block with internals installed along with turbocharger and head, will be EXTREMELY expensive and make this kit no-where near as affordable as it is presently! The costs for shipping will sky-rocket simply because of the weight aspect of the comodity! Depending on your countries Customs laws, you will probably land up paying alot for duties on engine parts aswell, making this kit not worth even considering.

I must comment that I have been getting a lot of concerned feedback about the difficulty of installing the kit itself based on it's comprehensive list on components, let me re-assure you all that this kit is not designed for dwarfs with tiny fingers and double jointed elbows in order to get into tricky places to fasten bolts and nuts... it has been designed for the enthusiast who wants to turocharge his/her own Tiburon easily and quickly, without having to pay for installation - all the work is basically done for you!

The huge advantage of installing our kits is that you will both learn ALOT about your Tiburon, and be able to complete any service and most maintenance requirements in future! This aspect alone will save you alot of money in future!

If at any stage if there are any questions or places where an installer gets stuck or is unable to continue - we are always available for assistance by phone, fax, E-mail or the many forums. We work every day of the week, and you will have a responce to all your queries in very fast and surprising time frames!

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UFB, any plans for accents?

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Accents are definitely on the cards!
Back home we have 5 other cars in the shop for development of turbocharger kits for
the local market and also export, so we have our work cut our for us.

Personally I have a soft spot for the Hyundai range, and will be aiming to develop and test the Accent, and Sonata V6 twin Turbo kits in the new year!

To wet your appetite I would look to use a perfectly matched T3 turbo on the Accent engines and aim to double the standard HP!

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wow, keep us informed on that. that may make me keep the accent engine...

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when will the kits go on the market, where will be be able to buy them, and whats the chance
of running a 50/75 shot of nos with it? Oh ya on your motor you bored it, what did you bore it out to. What's size is sugested? any plans for cams? or intake man?

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We are tooling up for the new years orders, and are waiting for materials to come in to start manufacture. The kits are expected to ship to the US at the end of this month. Hyundai Performance is one of the sources you can purchase the kits from so far and have another dealer enquiry to stock these kits aswell, but so far only Hyundai Performance can be confirmed.

On my personal Tiburon, I have bored the block to 83mm, but in the kit there is no need to do this as the piston replacement is 82mm and no engineering or machining is required.

No plans for cams on this engine when fitted with a turbo, the cost vs the power/torque improvement on the J2 engine with a turbocharger is no-where near effective. We have not seen the need to change the already good intake design for our kits.

egarding the NOS Issue - Personally I don't go near NOS as it's long term reliability is very poor! We have extensive experience with NOS o both race and street engines.

Adding NOS ontop of our Stage 1 or Stage 2 kit will certainly work, and if installed correctly by an experienced tuner will work very well, but you MUST know what you are doing to get this right! The most common mistake with adding NOS to a turbocharged engine is Boost issues!

For example, lets say we run a Tiburon Turbo engine at 1.0bar boost pressure, as soon as we engage a 50 shot of NOS, the boost pressure is no longer 1.0bar! The boost will increase to at least 1.2bar! This is where your tuning needs to be SPOT ON! The good thing about our kit is that it is a fully programmable computer and you get the S/ware and interface cable supplied in the kit for your own tuning if and when you make further mods.

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if you need a u.s. spec accent to be your test car i'll volunteer <img src=/images/forums/snitz/thumbup.gif width=25 height=18 border=0>

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i am running a 55 shot of nos in my tib, so far so good, but what your saying sounds to good to be true.a turbo kit that will give you insane power, that you can ad nos to, and the average tunner will have the know how to complete this, and after the engine woul still be reliable and not blow up, if this is true you guys are gods to tiburon owners every where!
i was also wonderind how you would tune the chip that comes w/ the kit, if you were ading nos, would a local speed shop be able to do this? also is it easy to install so that you get the amount of hp you cliam or is it like the alpine, where the cliam 235 hp, but iknow people who have the kit did eveything they say and only get 180-190hp?
please let this be true,if it is i am buying one the first day it is avialible in america!!!!!!!

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Fsttib -

When we developed this kit we had amoung many goals, but mainly 3 goals in mind, Lots of Power, fully scalable at no cost at all in most cases, and RELIABILITY!! As you can see by the pics we have posted, we have broken the Tiburon engine many times testing components and limits, and we now know these engines backwards!

The piston replacement we supply for the upgrade is a very high quality cast piston that simply drops into the block with no other mods, the rings supplied are also very high quality and will outlast the standard Hyundai parts! If you install NOS onto the kit aswell, you will not need to purchase any other parts at all and the components already supplied by our kit will compliment the NOS install.

Regarding power firgues, I always ask this question when someone tells me that they produced "so much" power from their engine - "what Dyno and what correction factors were used? Now I'm not going to go into semantics but as you all know every dynamometer is different and can be setup to calculate different correction factors like altitude and humidity etc! We state our power figures conservatively and you will more than likely see more power than stated - we like to under-promise and over-deliver!

The ECU that is included in the Kit is a complete stand-alone engine management system and includes the software and interface cable to tune the engine! The unit will come with the instruction manual, wiring diagrams and everything else needed to install, learn how to use and tune the system! So all the Tuner will need to do is load up the s/ware on their laptop, and adjust fueling and ignition values accordingly. The s/ware is windows based and easy to use with TPS(throttle position) and Load (AMP - manifold pressure) columbs. The systems we intend using in the kits are the link-electronics systems found at unless otherwise specified by the client.

Well be sure to let Rob at Hyundai Performance have your order as we plan to ship the first batch to the USA at the end of January. <img src=/images/forums/snitz/thumbup.gif width=25 height=18 border=0>

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i recently e-mailed they said that the stage 2 kit will give me about 300hp in my tib. i do have a couple more questins though. i was wondering what the kit will include and also will it be compatable with the 2001 us spec tiburon, or will it reqiure more mods and be a headache to install? also will there be a warenty onit? i would like to know also if there will be anyone i can contact for tech support if i run into any thing i dont understand while tryingto install the turbo?

i just want to make sure that if i spend this much money on somthing that 1. it works 2.if i run into problems there will be someone to help(theere is nothing worse than not having help when you need it). 3. that my car wil be reliable as it is now , and that i wont run into problema w/ it in a year or so beause of the turbo.


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Any one know of a way to come up with 3,500 really fast! Oh well Just thought I ask!

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FstTib -

I'm glad you asked these questions!

Regarding the power output - yes this power will be no problem at the flywheel on pump fuel. With higher boost levels, the turbocharger is able to support up to 450HP with higher octane fuel!

In S.A the pre 2000 and up Tiburon, is a simple face lift, (bumpers, bonnet, lights etc) and no major changes have been made at all like the chassis, engine, G/box and drive-train components. It has been confirmed that both the US and EU models are equivalent to the S.A models apart from the minor control component differences like the MAF and MAP sensor. This has also been taken into account and made provision for in the kit itself. The Kits should work perfectly on any model Tiburon from 1996 to 2002 (first two gen's)

The kit will not be difficult to install for anyone with a basic mechanical knowledge and little experience working on engines. In fact it is the perfect opportunity for the individual who has never worked on an engine before but has a keen interest to start! The most difficult part of the installation is most likely the Piston replacement, and cambelt re-assembly at the engine's TDC (top dead center), as this requires a piston ring compressor to install the pistons into the bore! (We will pre-install the rings onto the pistons to save time and possible ring damage from installation.)

Getting the engine back to TDC is actually very simple and easy to do - there are the relevant tests and procedures that will need to be followed in order to check and cross-check the work done in each installation chapter before moving on. (something like passing a test at the end of a procedure)

The only other part of the installation that might be a little difficult or more inaccessible to some enthusiasts is the oil return channel that needs to be drilled and welded into the sump. Any gas welding, silver soldering or braizing will do perfectly for this procedure.

Regarding the support - we will make sure that our distributors get the necessary information to be able to support our customers to their satisfaction!! We will also be available for support via telephone, E-mail, and Fax for any serious problems. I must stress that these kits have been designed for easy installation! Although the kit contains a large amount of components and many hours of work, and will take a beginner at least a week to install and fully test, the kit will come with detailed, step by step instructions and will have photographs every step of the way to make sure no-one gets lost half way through any procedure!

Ofcourse we guarantee all our products/kits for workmanship and/or component defect or failure. We offer a 25 000km or 6 month warranty on the defect or failure of all our products/kits whichever comes first.

However we are reasonable people and if any component does tend to fail or malfunction after this time, we will not leave you in the lurch and in conjunction with our distributors we will assist you every step of the way to your satisfaction.

You must realize that the products/kits we supply are extremely high performance components and do require a little extra care in certain areas to continue functioning correctly and effectively. There is no reason why the Ballistic Racing components/kits should be less reliable than a standard trim product, in fact the engine should outlast the normally aspirated version as the components used internally are of a much higher quality!

The turbocharger will never damage or shorten the life of the engine or other components if used correctly and according to our intended design. We have developed a high performance Turbocharger kit that has been designed to run efficiently and safely on pump fuel for maximum performance and more importantly - reliability! Obviously we do not want any customers having to rebuild their engines or turbochargers once a year - the intended design of the Kits are to last a lifetime to those who timeously and correctly maintain and service their vehicles!

Let me know if there are any further questions.

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thanks for all the info,
i was just wondering if the engine will have to be removed from the car , to do the internal work? also does the kit come w/ upgraded clutch and brakes?

how much horse power and torqe are you getting at the wheels? Have you run this car at the 1/4 mile? what kinds of times are u running. is there any way you can e mail me the dyno charts?
is there any way you can email or post all the components of a stage 2 kit?

if it does come w/ a clutch/brakes will instructions for these instalations be included

have you started production yet? i can't wait untill the relese date on

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Fsttib -

The Kit comes with a sintered copper 4 button clutch plate. I use this plate currently and have had no problems to date. The kit also comes with a brake upgrade as an option - this includes a set of Power-Brake slotted discs and EBC Evolution 4 Green Stuff pads. The discs are a direct replacement of the original. The only issue with the silly Hyundai brake disc and hub design is that when changing discs, you have to remove the wheel bearings as the disc is mounted onto the back of the hub and this has a guide that the wheel bearing is pressed onto. Removing the disc obviously damages the bearing and these have to be replaced. Because of this poor design, you will have to take the removed hub to a brake specialist and allow them to remove split the disc from the hub by using a press to get the bearing out and once again press the new bearing in place with the replacement disc.

I am running a slightly different turbocharger setup on our development Tirburon and produce 212KW and 440NM at the flywheel at 0.5bar boost. This is 176KW and 365NM at the wheels. We haven't had much time to run the Tibby on at the track, but according to the Race-Technology AP-22 accelerometer we are doing low 14 seconds at this boost with minimal wheel spin on a cool day. At higher boost we anticipate early 13's and possibly high 12's. The difference between the stage 2 Kit and the setup I use is the comp housing and the comp wheel are larger (AR70 comp housing and 60-1 wheel)

I have attached the lst of components in the Stage 2 kit below with all options aswell.

These are the included components:-

1) 4 button Sintered Copper performance
2) clutch Plate - Manual G/box only
3) 4 x Pistons 82mm 8.2 to 1 compression ratio
4) 63m Down-pipe
5) All fittings, screws, clamps, T-pieces and mounting hardware
6) Asbestos Exhaust Heat Rap
7) Blow Of Valve
8) Charge Piping colour coded With BOV installed
9) Complete Gasket set
10) Garrett/Turbonetics Turbocharger T3/T4 Hybrid 300HP-plus Kit (Internal Wastegate)
11) Heat Plate Cover (covers Exhaust manifold)
12) Intercooler (core size is 750mm x 240mm x 50mm)
13) Link engine management system - pre-programmed
14) Piston Rings for above 82mm pistons
15) Setrab oil cooler including steel braided hose, relocation plate
16) Silicon connetor hose and vacuum piping
17) Step By Step instruction book with photo's
18) Upgraded Fuel Pump 10Bar and double the volume of the stock pump
19) VDO Boost Gauge

These are the optional components:-

20) Brake Discs and Pad upgrade (slotted discs and EBC Evo 4 Green stuff pads)
21) Dual Boost control kit (solenoid and all parts included)
22) Exhaust manifold - Log type
23) External Wastegate - Turbonetics Deltagate MK2 equivalent - depending on manufacturers replenishment
24) Kingdragon Performance Cone air filter
25) Stainless Steel Exhaust Header for above wastegate can be purchased individually or in place of the log type manifold (log type version provides slightly improved boost responce over the header version)

We have started production and have already recieved our profile cut steel flanges and material for charge pipes. We will be recieving the gasket sets this week. Fittings and connectors along with clamps we hold plenty stock of. We are in negotiation with Turbonetics to supply the Turbo's from the US and simply ship them to the distributors to save on the shipping costs (less weight)
We are in negotiation with Link-Electronics in New Zealand for the supply and shipment of the ECU's from one of the US dealers to save onshipping these units half way round the world in order to get to Hyundai Performance - this is an issue that we are trying to resolve as soon as possible.

Pricing is the next step - Rob and I have discussed the costing of the kits and have a retail price already - we are still in the market for the best deal on shipping the kits, this will ultimately affect the final retail price, so please bear with us for a few more days, Hyundai Performance will release the pricing shortly.

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what is the retail irce to be without the finalized shipping costs? and what are estimates for the shipping, and how soon can I get one damnit

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ravdav, call me tonight (after 5) or tomorrow (after 7).

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<a href="">Shop.HyundaiPerformance.Com</a>, your one-stop shop for Hyundai performance parts (coming soon)
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