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Tiburon UpGrade

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I am new to Tiburon performance parts. I have searced the net and have found very little. I was wondering if anyone can give me some advice/links to some good Tiburon sites. Money is no option. I wanna make Honda drivers wish they were in a Tibby.
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Does anyone know if psi (boost) translates to to a specific horsepower? Say 9 psi would yeild 15 horsepower. Does it work like that? I looking to increase the horsepower in my car, but I have no idea what I can run on my frame (2001 tiburon). I'm considering running a supercharger to get around 300 horsepower.
A friend of mind was telling me that there are differant types of superchargers. Like "roots" and "centrifical", he also mentioned that a "centrifical" supercharger can create more horsepower through use of pulleys, but is much harder to tweak and maintain. Does anyone know what types of super chargers alpine,, and sell?

I have a basic plan to upgrade my car listed at

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Thank you for the input. What is C.A.P.A. short for and where would I find them.

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1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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