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Recently (2 months ago) had all my belts, pulleys and water pump replaced @ 125k miles or so.

Obviously, my power sterring belt strecthed (as they usually do) becuase it makes a horrendous noise at startup (when cold), goes away after few seconds, comes back when I turn the whell.

Can see the belt slp on the pulley.

My question is, can anyone point me in the proper direction on how to tighten the belt myself?

Is it manual adjust or is their a tensior? I believe it is manual.

Brought it to one place and before they even looked at it, told me they can't adjust and I need an auto tensior @ $100 minimum.

I know the belts (alternator at least) are manual adjust, so figure the Power sterring is to.

Any help much appreciated.

I imagine it should be something I can do myslef in a few mn.
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