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Tips and setup suggestions for newcomer

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Hi guys,

I've read the forums for awhile now but never posted (or registered, for that matter). Normally I'm a classic car guy. I've got a '64 Impala with a 350 dropped in. I guess I just prefer the simplicity of older engines. Well, I needed something with a bit better mpg, so I picked up an '02 Accent GS with the 1.6L off a family friend. I'm interested in basic setups and suggestions to improve performance. The car's fun, but it needs a bit more pep, a better sound, and a better ride (awfully bumpy). I'm not afraid to get under the hood but I'm unfamiliar with most newer systems.

Can anyone recommend a good package (ideally some specific parts, or at least selections that go well together) to get me started? I've done some research thus far and I'm not really getting anywhere. Thanks!
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hey welcome to the hyundai performance what i suggest doing is what everyone suggests doing

1. cold air intake is good for the accent a short ram intake works better for low end torque and acceleration'

2. 4-2-1 headers will improve your low end 4-1 headers will improve your high end

3. shark has many options also for sway and strut bars check them out and when in doubt go turbo!!

of course there is plenty more but i could go on all day and i think i got you started
First off, welcome!

The Newbie Forum ( is a great place to refer to for those FAQ's, and you will find numerous helpful links in there.

Unfortunately, suppliers of aftermarket parts for the Accents are very few and very far between. Accent tuners often joke that Home Depot is our best performance shop...DIY projects and improvisation are the norm for us.

irishmanskeske has the right idea with his suggestions. 4-2-1 headers will be most effective on automatic tranny (autotragic...) Accents, and the 4-1 headers will be most effective on manual tranny Accents. Shark Racing tends to be awfully expensive, but they have pretty decent customer service. One of my favorite online shops is They have good prices, and great customer service...although because they are in Australia, shipping takes a while (and remember, their prices are in AUD, not USD).

Good luck, and happy tuning!


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If you're planning on just going with basic mods I would agree with all that's been said so far plus an addition to the header you really should go with a 2" or 2.25" exhaust and muffler setup. There's a lot of talk about mufflers lately so i won't bore all with what's been said... Just check out those threads.

If you want to really make this car a sleeper and screw the fuel economy then you're probably going to go for forced induction and or engine swap. I'm sure by your lurking you've seen all the talk about the 2L Beta engine and that's what you'd want to kick up the performance.

I have the Intake, exhaust, upgraded the plugs on mine. It's quicker than stock but i still wouldn't call it a quick car by any means. It does the trick and gets me around so I really can't complain. I'd really like to tune the hell out of it when i get it paid off and have more money to sink into it but who knows by then i may be in a different car.

Definitely check out the sites listed in this thread:

Our cars are a lot less common in the tuner world so prices are higher. And welcome to the import world. It has a bad name thanks to Fast and the Furious but we are not all like those asses. It takes a big man to go from small block 350's to a 1.6 Korean car. Glad to have you aboard!
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