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It seem's that My Phone and business advertising company is making many mistake's when i order their product's and service's

The ****ing Technician almost never show's up on the appointed date and come's to our house at the wrong date and the wrong time and when he actually doe's his work,he doesn't bother to notify us and just sneak's out and leave..

The Dumb Representative's can never get any of my service's ordered
for example i ordered a yellow page Business ad in the september 2003 year book and the Rep assured me that my ad will be in the book,

A few month's later,the new book's came out and i looked for my ad and..guess what?
it wasn't there,

I'd like to ask all member's here if they can find a "Great Upholstery" in the Upholstery proof that the representative did as i ordered.

the old address at the time was 2807-G Merrilee Dr
and the number was 703-641-4836
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