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To clear up most posts about 4g63 swaps.....

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I have been seeing an increasing amount of posts pertaining to the possibilities of swapping the Mitsu 4g63 into various Hyundai cars. Let's clear up the confusion and lay out some falicies about the relationship between Hyundai and DSM.

First off the older Hyundais (1990-1995) were very loosely based off a Mitsu block design. After that year the only similarities between the two engines is the fact that they run off pump gas and have 4 pistons. Nothing more. Agreed, the engines <i>look</i> similar in shape, size and placement. The most notable difference is the fact that the engines cams are on opposite sides.

As for the Mitsu turbo manifold, it will not fit, at all, period. I had 2 of them from each the 1g and 2g Eclipse and they almost line up with the exauhst manifold gasket from the Tib/Elantra. Almost. It would take a miracle from Zeus himself to make it fit.

If you <i>really</i> want to make this swap happen get ready to take a second loan out for your car. It takes bucks. Since nothing matches as far as motor mounts, tranny mounts, axles, hubs, internediate shafts, ECU, wiring harnesses, shift linkages and a sleu of other things it would take a master fabricator/installer a solid month just to get things to a point to where the car is drivable.

Granted, the 4g63's tunability and bulletproof components are unsurpassed by few but the fact remains that this swap would be not only very difficult but could turn into a financial hardship.

My advice: If you have a Scoupe, Accent or older Elantra do a swap with the 2g Beta Tib/Elantra engine and tranny. Not sure how many of you follow the other boards (namely FXtreme) but there are engine internals available to make the Beta engine strong enough, with the proper tuning, to handle a good deal of boost and satisfy our ever growing need for more horsepower.

So please, I ask you kindly to keep the Mitsu vs. Hyundai comparos to a minimum. If you do decide to venture into the 4g63 swap please find a reputable shop that is familiar with BOTH Mitsu and Hyundai and I wish you luck.
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