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Track kill's

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*Note* these races were on a heads up tree on a 1/4 mild drag strip some of the wins may have been 1 by reaction time but we bouth went green so it was fair Kill's

in a 97 tiburon fx:

2005 tiburon gt
vr6 jetta
2002 eclipse gt
1997 eclipse 2.0 (all riced out fast and furious style)
318 dodge dokota
multipul sunfire's and caviler's
early 90's celica
2003 dodge neon
2000 saturn
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HAHA a Nice kills.
yea some of those are kinda lame but the v6 tib,v6 eclipse and the vr6 jetta wert 2 shabby in my opinion
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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