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trans. problem

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ok i have an 01 tiburon and i just had a stage 3 clutch put in and i also have a short shifter. my problem is when i run at the track and get on her hard from 1st to 2nd it grinds into 2nd and also a little into 3rd and i know its not my shifting cuz i thought that at first but i would sometimes just wait a sec and then shift and it would still do it!!! now what is starting to happen is even driving it around not getting on her hard,like at the track, it grinds into 3rd if im over 3000 rpms weather i am up shifting or down shifting and it is starting to happen a lil more now with the new clutch. it happened a lil bit with the factory clutch in the car but more now with the new one!!! i am wondering if my gears are starting to go witch i dout cuz the car only has 65k miles or somthing it not lineing up right or the cables have to be adjusted with the short shifter being in there??? i dunno thats why i am posting this. has anyone had this problem or hurd of something like this???????any type of help would be AWSOME!!!!:)

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Cables.. if you put in a shorty then you might want to adjust those. I know that i needed to. Couldnt get reverse and 5th.

Also.. check your clutch fluid level, and you might want to make sure there is no airbubbles in there. I had some and the clutch acted like ****.
thanks ill play around the the cables a lil bit!! ummm is there any other suggestions on this problem if its not the cables or the fulid!! like something with the gear box??
look up road race engineering order synchro shift trans fluid worked on my tib and my friends eclipse its way better than any synthetic fluids I tried and its cheap you'll need at least two
I would just bleed the slave cylider for the hell of it. even a microscopic hole will let air into your system. You may not even notice any fluid loss at all, just bleed it and you will notice a differance
Change your fluid to Redline MT-90 and get some Flyryde shifter bushings. That grind will be gone. Common issue, though.
ericy321 said:
Change your fluid to Redline MT-90 and get some Flyryde shifter bushings. That grind will be gone. Common issue, though.
what he said. i seriously doubt it has anything to do with the cables.

redline mt-90 is THE **** when it comes to gear oil. its hard to find though so you have to order it. the bushings will help also. if you don't want to buy the bushings you can make your own with some quicksteel.
Hyundai tranny oil is the best... atleast for me. Unfortunatly, I am running some random stuff from advanced auto right now... stupid fidenza flywheel failed and I didn't have enough money to get the hyundai oil when I changed it.

Oil is my first thought,
does it grind when shifting without using the clutch or if you rev match?
the hyundai oil doesn't compare to the redline mt-90. thats why everyone here recommends putting mt-90 in. because it stops the grinding that you get when you are running the hyundai oil
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