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turbo...drag racing....

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The tib finally was able to run @ the strip this weekend. After trying 3 times with weather problems.

Anyway the tib went [email protected] MPH

Running full Interior Including the stereo with 15 psi of boost and blowing the **** of the Drag radials 1st-2nd gear the car ran Consistent 12 Sec passes literally right after each other.

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Thats awesome! Are you running 15psi on stock internals?
Very nice times you are running Gary.
What mod's have you done to achieve this? 12 second 1/4mile is a good effort if you are still running the factory diff.

Also - the colour of your car, is it Lamborghini Orange? Looks very similar to the colour I have painted my car in sunlight.
Verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry nice :)
clean ninja!
always very sweet gary... no he doesnt have stock internals and he is GT30r powered and running a M-tec LSD and TONS of other stuff.. dont have access to his mod list right now, but he has a well built car..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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