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turbo gear 1.5 wtt for other parts

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I have a scoupe turbo manifold, T15 turbo that looks brand new but when installed seemed to be leaking oil into the exhaust only under boost (so it does leak oil) modified thermostat housing (for water line) and scoupe water bar so the water hook up is nice and easy. Braided NON leaking oil line for quick and painless install of the oil line, meaning no leaks. and a basic BOV with vacuum lines and tees.

wtt for lowering springs and struts, 01 accent. or of course, will sell outright.

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oh yeah, thrown into the mix is an intercooler and also a custom (meaning homemade) downpipe that fits the 1.5L perfectly.
A custom already fits downpipe for the t15? How much!?!?!?
will take a pic of it. I dunno if I want to split up lol.

goes from the T15 flange in 2.5" pipe
I'll tell you what I will do.... You sell that kit I will give them the scoupe turbo downpipe Im currently using so they have a downpipe with a place to put the o2 sensor, and I'll even throw in a flange with a 2.5 inch opening ;-) Hell I'll even throw in a o2 sensor bung! The welder is currently down and it may be awhile before I get some exhaust and I NEED a real downpipe!
the collector on the t15 is where you put the first o2 sensor, and the downpipe goes into regular piping that has a bung welded on for the second.

my downpipe does not have an o2 sensor bung. (i said bung huh huh)

will take pics tonight of what I am talking about.
From what it sounds like the "collector" your talking about is the stock scoupe turbo downpipe, and its way too small. That whole piece should unbolt and have a flange matched to it with a larger pipe which would be the downpipe. Let me see pics =-)
okay, you have the turbo, then you have the factory scoupe piece that bolts to the turbo and the 02 sensor (the first one) goes in there, then it terminates into a three bolt flange. this so far is all cast.

then the piece I made up bolts to that three bolt flange and goes to 2.5" pipe and curves to under the oil pan for you to weld onto your existing exhaust.

I also have a spare collector.
Then what you have is after the downpipe. N/M. What I am trying to get away from is this little inch and 7/8 (I think) downpipe that was the scoupe turbos stock downpipe. I have a flange that bolts to the turbo and then weld a 2.5 inch pipe to that flange and install the first o2 sensor there. Im sure since my turbos wastegate line is pretty much pulled (electronic boost controller boost setting maxed out) and still only getting about 14-15psi i could gain alot of power with a bigger downpipe =-)
I think you have it misunderstood. from how he is describing it (what he is selling) is the downpipe and no it doesnt have an o2 sensor in it. anyways....
will you let go of the turbo manifold by itself? if now how much for all of it including intercooler?
email me at [email protected]
actually, I am going to put this on hold until the weekend when I reinstall everything and try the .038 reducer in the oil line. the turbo has no shaft play and rotates freely, so it seems to still be good. the oil never went past the seals except when up in rpm = more oil pressure pushing past the seals.

will try and see if it's good. if not, looking at 50 dollars + shipping for the manifold, if I did separate, but probably looking at 300 for the whole deal.
let me know either way im ready to pay for all of it. so i got dibs.
the money will be waiting my friend
you will be the first one i contact. either way will let you know. thanks
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