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Turbo help.....

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I have a 04 Sonata 2.4L and I want to turbo, but I have no idea where to even start looking for one or what I should be looking for......
Same with Supercharger- I havent decided which way I want to go yet...

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well, first of all, there ain't much or none aftermarket support for the 2.4L sirius engine

if you want to boost your need alot of funds to boost the engine

if yuo're into daily driving..i say supercharger..power that's easy to use
if you're into a lot more power,want to shave 1/4 times and are mechanically inclined..i say turbocharger
supercharger it is then- any ideas where i can locate one?
when i think supercharger, i think new intake manifold, and a lot of fab work to get the belt lined up right/no flex on the arm from the pulley to the sc, and pulley size to control boost, and a bunch of other stuff that makes me scream inside my head.

if you had the 2.7/3.5 or whatever, i'd also vote for supercharger because i dont want to consider the pain of building a manifold for a v6.

anywho, to be honest i think it would be easier to turbo. the hardest time you'll have is building the manifold- unless you can find one made for your car on or

all of the 'universal' bits can be had from a lot of people talk crap about them, but they provided me with a great header for my 99 elantra, and a slew of turbo parts that haven't failed us yet. i say us because my buddy mike has been running them over a year with no probs (parts being intercooler, blow off valve, wastegate, turbine).

i guess that's why i don't say sc, i never spent the time to realize one into existance. maybe you'll have better luck going that route.

either way, good luck!
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