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Turbo vs Nitrous vs Supercharger

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Okay, so budget should be lower than $1000. What would I need to run a supercharger and can I just pick one up on ebay for like $300, I know I would need a transmission oil cooler with all of these setups. As for nitrous, I thought of ZEX, The kit with the pre-tapped cone filter shipped to PR is $730, will this be worth it for the extra 35hp? Adavantages of these etc?
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No way your going to get a working s/c for 300.. try more like 2000-3000

That filter kit thing is the worst way to spray IMO.

get an NX wet kit at ;):
A high-quality turbo alone would cost more than a grand; and you've still got the wastegate[if it isn't internally gated to begin with], manifold, dump pipe, cooler pipes, boost controller, and vac lines to factor in. Unless you're going full-on DIY and second-hand, third-rate parts from a wreck pulling it off is going to be very, very difficult.

I'd go with the Nitrous kit for that budget.
So should I get the one sugested above or one from ZEX? Also, is a Transmission oil cooler a good idea for $100 shipped?
yes and yes. Ive never heard of reliablity issues with NX but ive heard many problems with ZEX.
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