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Hey ppls, just wanted to know if anyone knew what id have to do to my stock 95 excel to turbo it, i dont want much boost, maybe 9lbs tops, what would i have to do, how much will it cost and where i can a half decent turbo and intercooler kit.

thanx ppls
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9 is alot.. hit the search button.. think about it for a month.. then do something about it.;):
You will need these several basic parts:

-Turbo[internally gated for cost effectiveness]
-Oil line to turbo
-Water lines to turbo[if the turbo is water-cooled and oil lubricated]
-Oil cooler
-Oil return line to sump, to be welded in.
-Turbo manifold
-Dump pipe
-Dump pipe
-Intercooler piping, made-up.
-Intake pipe
-Fuel pump
-Computer[this can either be a chip, which I do not recommend or a piggyback unit such as a LINK or a MOTEC M4.]

I'm not gonna suggest brands or figures, just the basic parts. What shop you go to will determine what package will be recommended to you, so you are going to need to learn how to smell a rat. This is just the engine BTW, I would also recommend a new clutch.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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