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Twin rear swaybars?

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I heard its possable to run 2 rear swaybars in a car to add extra stiffness into the rear end to ultimately give a fwd car a slight oversteer tendancy. Has anyone given this a try or got any thoughts/feedback on the idea?
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Adding a second would give you more than a slight oversteer, plus there is probably no room to mount a 2nd bar.

Just get a bigger/stiffer bar.
You have an accent. It oversteers enough. Trust me.

Btw, its not Blue is it? If it is, dont go fast around corners. There is a curse.
yeah, i know about skeird's curse, mine is silver thank god!

My accent does have a tendancy to let go of the rear end at times (crap tyres, and on back-off in an almost understeer situation), but since its turbo, if i have the foot down in a corner i usually feel understeer.

The reason i was thinking about twin rear swaybars, is if i could do any good at fwd drifting. In my local comp there is an uncontested fwd car, i thought it might be nice to have a grudge match :)
Even if this hair brained scheme worked. You have to remember no 2 bars would have the "exact" same flex characteristics and you could have very bad snap oversteep because each bar would flex at a different rate. If you want more oversteer unhook your front sway bar you'll definetley get more oversteer like that.

Here is a short list you can do to add more oversteer:

Add stiffer rear sway bar
Add softer front sway bar (or remove it entirely)
Too large rear vs front sway bar
Raise the rear end
Use undersized tires or narrow rims
Use low rear tire pressure
Use stiff rear springs

But please don't do any of this. Drifiting in a FWD is like sleeping with your cousin it might feel good at the time but your a goof for doing it.
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why does it matter that the bar is blue.....
Because there is a curse on blue LC coupes. Most of the owners on said car on this forum have had their cars meet with some sort of misfortune resulting in the loss of the vehicle but fortunately the driver is almost always spared. Its not my curse per se, however I was one of its victims. I for example rolled my car at 80mph, yet walked away w/o a scratch.
i know, but your the one that sticks in my memory skeird! (that image that used to be around of your car on its roof sticks in my mind a little too well)
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