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Yeah, Me and my friend were going up to a Choo Choo's last night, which is in Waldorf, MD. I live in Calvert County, Prince Frederick, Maryland. And this is where I saw him. I pull up behind a 2K+ Accent that was coastal blue. He had a exhaust and his a license plate cover that said "Team Hyundai". He turns left and I go straight, this was probably around 7:45-8:00P.M. And the other one was in Waldork, MD; after me and my friend got out of the club which was after 10. He had a wing on his car and he was parked in a 7-Eleven parking lot, which was right across from the club. I am just wondering if it was anyone on the boards. I never saw these guys before, its wierd. They just like appeared.

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