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So a couple of years ago I bought an 09 Elantra manual with 50k on the dash for a daily. I fell in love with the car and engine, and the car now has 80K and still running like a champ. However I just upgraded my daily so the Elantra is sitting. Im interested in buying a 1st gen Tiburon and doing a turbo beta build with some of the beta 2 parts. I have done a fair amount of research and seems the beta 1 has some advantages over the beta 2 and vice versa.

I am aware the beta 1 has stronger connecting rods, better oil pressure, bigger injectors, and few other advantages over the beta 2. While the beta 2 has lighter springs and solid lifters.

So my idea is to take my beta 2 block slap in the stronger rods, and use a beta 1 head (after porting) possibly using the solid lifters and lighter springs. (if possible)

I would like to hear if anybody has done something similar, and what parts are interchangeable and what parts are not. As well as availability of aftermarket parts. Also I would like to know the difference between the betas transmissions?

I'd love to here and see some nice Beta builds. I'm tired of hearing only about Hondas.
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