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undrive pulley for 1.5 x3 and scoupe turbo manifold

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Hello all got alot of parts on the way for my 95 x3, but havent seemed to find ne pullys ... checked ur but they dont carry none for the accent 1.5 if ne one knows who has these let me know or if ne other cars have same size and line up. next i need to find the scoupe turbo manifold 1.5l last needed part for turbo.. thank you evowilk.
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dont get underdrive pulleys on a turbo motor!!!! underdrive pulleys take load off the engine... but a turbo motor works better wiht load, so in a way you be takign away power by using them and wasting money!
I run my turbo motor with an underdrive pulley. I've never had it w/o so i cant say the difference. All I know is my rpms move so quick its like im always in boost....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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