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URGENT! advice"beta vs sirius"

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I have the opertunity to purchase a sirius 2.0L dohc from a sonata ef on monday I did not realize it was a sirius till bout 5 mins ago when i did a search (wondering why it looked different).
I would say the swap would be much the same as the beta so all im worried bout is the motor, Is it still a good engine or am i better off leting it pass by and wating for a beta?
can the same sort of power still be extracted from the sirius, i know im down 2 donkey's to begin with!
anyway all opinions and help on this would be much appreciated
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ok I have done some reserch on the sirius and found its probly better suited to turbo than the beta, it has a larger bore size and shorter stroke (same capacity) resulting in higher revs and lower compression so... ummm just some food for thought:devious:
The Engine on the EF Sonata is a 2.4 Litre and the beta is a 2.0Litre

The Beta is a better choice because it's a refined and proven example of hyundai's Engineering Durability..

The beta is also lighter than the sirious and the sirius motor has virtually no aftermarket at all, while the beta has has a sea of Performance upgrades to choose from.
here in aus we have a 2.0 litre sirus, but yes the down side is the amount of aftermaket parts. however i dont see that as much of a problem i enjnoy the chalenge of taking an idea and seeing if i can better it in some way, aftermarket is just an easy way out im bulding as much of the car as posible my self (tools alowing) to call my own.

the deal fell though anyhow so im back to the drawing board either way sirus or beta im happy long as its gives me enough power also thinking along the lines of a mivec or
1998 Accent (X3) 1.5L SOHC I4 5mt/4at (G4EK (AlphaI)) 92hp @5.5k 97tq @4k
1998 Accent GT (X3) 1.5L DOHC I4 5mt/4at (G4EK (AlphaII))) 105hp 101tq ???
1998 Elantra (J2) 1.8L DOHC I4 5mt/4at (G4GM (BetaI)) 120hp ???
1998 Sonata STD (Y3) 2.0L DOHC I4 5mt/4at (G4JP (Mitsu 4g63) (SiriusI)) 137hp @6k 129tq @4k ???
1998 Sonata FX (Y3) 3.0L SOHC V6 4at (G6CT (Mitsu 6G72)) 142hp 170tq ???
1998 Tiburon (RD1) 2.0L DOHC I4 5mt/4at (G4GF (BetaI)) 130hp ???

The 2.0L Sirius engine is nothing more than a Mitsu 4g63.
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