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Usually if its ABS, the clicking will be heard at the brake modulator , when the valves cycle on start up. Try looking at a CV joint. Does it make a clicking while turning left or right. Do you notice any faint clunk when shifting from park to drive or reverse. Some intication of a bad joint is jack the vehicle up and with it in park turn the hub clockwise then counter and look for any indication of the CV shaft shaft moving in upward or side motion. The boot doesn't have be cracked for a joint to go bad.
As for the mighty oil flush, usually its just a derivative kerosene. The old way of doing so was diesel fuel or kerosene. One quart of that with 4 quarts of oil. The only thing I have to warn you about is that the oil flush will dilute the oil, which will change its ability to hold a oil film under high cylinder pressures and driven for extended time peroids you will begin to wash your bearings. The kerosene trick was used when there were not any detergent oils, because engine from that time peroid were famous for coaking up and plugging oil passages. Another old trick was to put brake fluid in your oil to swell the seals and keep them from leaking, but that isn't advisable anymore either. If you do really have a lifter plugged it may be from a piece of flash or core sand, not fully removed during shake out. Plugged lifters don't happen frequently anymore because of the fact detergent oils, a collapsed lifter would be more of a suspect from failer internally in the lifter.

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