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Valves rattle

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I have a 2003 Accent and I have 23k on it. but it rattles real loud in the mornings. should I be concerned? and what oil do you all run?

The dealer mentioned something about factory oil filters with bypass vs. regular?


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Yeah mine chatters in the morning when the engine first starts. The chatter is not as bad when I run the mobile one. I only use mobile fully synthetic for oil.
Are you saying that a dealership that has already made its money should always know whats best for your car.
My dealer couldn't even replace the instrument cluster correctly and also over tighten the belt for the new waterpump. I'm sure they're not all the same but don't be nieve.
I didn't mean to sound so harsh sorry about that:nervous:
wat grade gas are you running? i get that too when i use the cheaper stuff but as soon as the good stuff is in it clears it right up :D
There is a TSB on some hyundai models (mine is one of them) that says not using OEM filters can cause valve train noise and later on damage. Its something to do with the amount of time it takes oil to move thru the pump, then the filter, then be lifted high enough to coat the cams. This is at the same time the oil is at its thickest. Ive seen to many things that show the OEM filters OWNING all the aftermarket stuff. Its worth it to me to pick them up from these guys Hell they normally throw in that metal plug gasket when i order one filter.
Thanks, I will try the gas and the filters to see if their is a diff.

Sorry to hi-jack the thread, but I feel it is related

I have a 2000 GL. I do notice that I have a (metal rattling sound - most likely valves) during:

- Low Gear acceleration
- When I use regular 87 octane

I mentioned it to my dealer and they said it most likely is pinging and the only recommendation they had was to use a step up higher octane.

I filled up with 94 and the "pinging" or "rattling" sound did go away. The car also doesn't labour as much to accelerate.

I'm wondering if this has to do with spark plugs type? Isn't the "pinging"/"rattling" due to the fuel/air mix detonating earlier than expected?

Only thing I can think why the rattling occurs at 87 octane:

- spark plugs not in correct heat range for 87 octane gas
- oil in the combustion chamber (I have an oil consumption problem too)

Please correct me if my asumptions are wrong


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