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very bad pictures of my next upgrade...

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... off a 1980 Z28 305.

A Rochester DualJet 210. I got it for $60, but I could have got it off eBay for like, $20. But this thing is in awesome shape and I think it works right.

When I get my heads ported, i'll attach an IM that accepts this carburator. I really should be doing this first, as teh car is STARVED for gas right now.
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Rochester makes good carbs...yum.
Dualjets/Quadrajets are a pain to tune, but they (Quadrajets) can make big power when done right. The 305 carb from that year is a little small though.

I would save up some money and install an Edelbrock 650 with vacuum secondaries. Granted, I know nothing of your setup.

(I currently own a 1981 Camaro).

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Im attaching a 210 to a 1.6L motor... and it feeds a 5 liter one stock. I'm sure I won't be using ALL the CFMs... I have a quadrajet too, but it's WAY too big for the Pony motor.
I have a Holley 390. ;): And im either going to put it on the 2.3 and get rid of that carb, or sell it. 390 is the smallest 4 barrel that Holley makes. And the 2 bbl on the 2.3 now is a Holley too. Dont know the CFM... But i dont think the 390 will kill it. Fully built Mini stock Ford 2.3. With the bigger marine cam. makes 170ish stock.. thats with a restrictive exhaust, and intake... he he he... in a truck that will weight 23XX pounds and a 4:11 rear end? Oh yeah.. :D
Originally posted by WytchDctr
Edelbrock 650, maybe if he goes turbo ;):
Probably should have noticed he was working on a Pony. :embarrassed:
Actually, there is a growing possibility that the 4G16 will be boosted soon... if Igrow impatient and do not get a G54B.

I'd rather have a 2.6 NA tho.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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