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Video: 5th gear pull starting at 70mph

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a vid to show how a turbo accent accels in 5th gear at low revs

its in .MOV format (quicktime)
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Sweet! :)
Were you floored all the way? Oh.. 5th gear.. ok right...
By the looks of that a beta swapped accent pulls quite a bit harder than that in fifth.. do u have any hp numbers? i havn't been to the track with mine but guessing i'll be in the mid 14's.. gonna have to go sometime soon now that the warm weather is finish ariving...
Thats low boost hes doing there......
why's your CEL On??
A better question is why wouldnt his cel be on :lol:;): I hate that light but no matter what i cant get rid of it one code or another lol
lol you'll like this

i completely cut the injector wires from the ecm

run the megasquirt injector wires to the injectors

started the car (idles absolutely beautifully by the way)

no cel

^^ no cel ... lol
thats gotta be the slowest turbo car of all time. sorry to say man
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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