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volt stabilizer

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i was reading the grounding topic, and understood that, but i ordered the ground wire and volt stabilizer. the volt stabilizer is supposed to work better with the ground wire. But what do u recieve (power wise, sound, etc...) with the volt satbilizer, and what will i recieve with both?
thnx in advance:chinese:

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you should recieve a little power maybe sound difference. you should notice a better top end.
Originally posted by Lilo Shark
you should recieve a little power maybe sound difference. you should notice a better top end.
but what about stereo sound, how much will it improve the quaqlity of the bass. and if it does would it reduce the crackling of the actual audio sound with the bass at high volume?

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The only real 'volt stabilizer' that i would buy would the be Apexi one. Its generally around 250.00 dollars.

Rob has one for sale for 150.00 + shipping. It would def. be worth it more than a ground wire kit.

Apexi Super Ground Stabilizer: Developed using innovative new concepts, the new A'PEX Super Grounding System stabilizes electrical noise and voltage spikes. The Apexi Super Ground System maximizes electrical component efficiency by combining an electrical grounding system with a battery current and voltage stabilization control unit. The control unit features an electrical charging system and electrical noise filter. The double noise filter smoothes turbulent electrical current, providing a stable and consistent voltage flow to all your vehicles electrical devices. The A'PEX Super Grounding System maximizes the efficiency of all factory vehicle electrical systems, allowing smoother engine operation, more efficient electrical component operation, and improved electrical current. The stylish voltage stabilizer box compliments any engine bay with its attractive case design and ominous backlit A'PEX logo.

Universal for any vehicles (Cars, Trucks and SUV)
Uses a high capacity Double Condenser and Double Noise Filter
The A'PEX Super Ground System uses a high purity, temperature resistant OFC cable (non-oxidized copper) Copper wire diameter: 0.12mm X 665 utilizes inter-twined wire

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i got mine from shark racing, the raizin volt stabilzer, any thoughts on it?
I think its pretty much garbage since you can buy the exact same thing for 10.00 on ebay.. same thing just a different name on the plastic. THat is why SR is ghey.

Do an ebay search. Most of it is junk.. but SR is selling the same thing w/ the SR "NAME BRAND" on it and chargine 110% more.
with the volt stabilizer it might help out with fluttering but not sure. should have just got the SUN automotive one. it's the original one that was made first but cost over $200.
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