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One more thing...

Please, everyone understand that this is a SPONSORSHIP Opportunity... that can lead to alot, take my car for instance

I don't want to receive a million emails regarding anymore sponsorships, KORE Motorsports will not sponsor multiple cars for a while, since they sponsor the KORE CREW with the 10% discount... but since this is a brand new car, then yes we are looking for 1 PERSON that's willing to go for this, but there will be requirements that must be met, and a contract will be signed, in case you don't meet the requirements, then all the products will be taken back...

It has happened to KORE before where products were given out, and the person(s) never followed thru with the promises, we will not allow that to happen again, we are not looking to give out free stuff or highly discounted stuff for nothing... so take this into consideration when applying, I will soon post a list of what we require... thank you <img src=/images/forums/snitz/thumbup.gif width=25 height=18 border=0>

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