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Weak clutches

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When I got the car the kid before me had burnt it out. When it was finaly slipping badly I got a new one put it. i got a brand new stock tiburon cluth. It has only bin about 2 months and already its starting to burn and slip. A normal launch for me is about 1500 to 2000 RPMs, I also dont ride the clutch, never power shift, and rarly have my foot on the gas even a little when I put in the clutch. Under this type of driving I don't see anyreason that I should see signs of it going. Are there better clutches for the tib? Is the stock one too weak for the power, I've read other people having the same problem with clutches going early however everyone results in a new clutch. Dose anyone have any ideas that won't get me screwed into another 650 $ clutch job? Thanks.
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well i replaced my clutch at 67k with a Luk clutch. it wasent really anything special it was pretty much oem style. i was pleased to see that that luk clutch kit came with an exedy pressure plate. now my car has 87k miles on it its still going strong. im not easy on it either. i autocross with my car quite often so it doesent see the easy life. it still grabs 2nd with plenty of tire spin so i think u may have just gotten a bad clutch. and paying 650$ for a clutch job! wow that really stinks try to find someone cheaper or just try to get a lift and do it urself :) thats what i did. its also a good time to look at ur flywheel and see if it needs turning. that may be ur problem. best of luck
I bought my car 2001 tib new in 2001. I had my clutch replaced at 20k......I was not hard at all with the car. Apparently the flywheel was misaligned, and also It felt weird when shifting.
Of course it was not part of the warranty.......I was really mad.
They fixed it for 700 $, and it was working better than the original one.
Now my car as 140 000 .....i made 120 k with the new clutch and it still grips, And I have to say I am 4 times more agressive with the car than I was at 20 k......downshifting, 4000 rpm starts....

When you shift into Gear 1, is it smooth or sometimes it does not connect ? before I burnt my clutch, it wasnt smooth at all, and somethimes I just couldnt gear in 1......
that's the same thing that is happening to my nephew's 240 right now. his clutch was burnt out all the way, there was nothing left on the clutch. his flywheel was all cracked but was resufaceable. he says it is still slipping. to my obsevations i could say that if you didn't get your flywheel resurfaced that could happen or that maybe whoever put it in didn't make sure that there was no oil, grease, etc. on the flywheel or on the pressure plate. that's what i told him. and it might be the same for you. or it's possilbe that the clutch was not put in right or you got jipped.
Wll 1st off yes it is rather difficult to get into 1st if I'm rolling, I thought maby you had to be at a dead stop and its also tricky to get it into reverse, it will go in about 1/2 way then ill have to take it out and try again.
Also with the do it yourself clutch I heard it was a six hour job and seemd liek it was REALY complicated. I had two quotes and 650 was the cheaper one.
Last with the fly wheel, I did get a reservaced one. thanks for all yur opinions and if this helps wiht knowing pleaselet me know what else you have...thanks.
So do OEM hyundai clutches suck or is it just me? I'm on my third right now and i've had the car since begining of '05. I had a crx prior to my tibby, oem clutch, drove it the same and everything and i only went through one of them in the almost 3 years i had it...what's goin on?
well i think stock there is a weekness somewhere don't know where but there is one :/

like on accent X3 there was a problem with the clutch master cylindre not begin greased enoughmaybe same thing on the tib mine look like it i think

when i shift hard the clutch slip a bit and then start to grip and i think she grip pretty well but anyway i'm gonna have to change it soon enough and i only have 58000km :/
From reading all of your posts, it sounds as though I'm in need of a new clutch, since the stock clutches don't seem to be too great, can anyone suggest a relatively inexpensive substitute??
there is ACT or Exedy ;): i'd say think ACT is cheeper ;):
take a look at SACHS. great clutch for the money.
Damn guys, anyone want to do a group buy for Clutches with

I have a stage 3 clutchmasters I dig. I carry damn near every kind if anyone wants to get something going. Lemme know.
How much would we be looking at, for a nice, strong clutch, on a group order?
IDK but the installation would be rape, even with a cheaper clutch the installation will be upwards of 600$. I dont wnat to spend that again. I say we make hyundai get us new clutches that will last.:bandit:
I came across this yesterday. Not sure if it will get us anywhere, or get us anything but it's worth a try, takes nothing more than a minute...
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