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Websites? Performance Parts Increase MPG

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I've been looking around for performance parts of my 2002 Elantra GT (XD) with the 2.0L beta 1 engine linked to the 5-speed manual trans. My goal is to get a noticeable increase in horsepower mainly to increase fuel mileage, this is my commuter car. I've been trying to find exhaust systems, headers, dual exhaust, ?complete exhaust kits?, as i'm looking around i'm getting varried results/specs. 8hp out of a Apex muffler? 10-26 whp out of complete exhaust systems. 6 hp out of a cold air intake/ funnel air filter. Does a better set of plugs and wires actually help. The stock exhaust manifold looks pretty good as it is can it be improved with a port/polish. The only engine mods on the car so far is a drop in replacement K&N air filter. What I really need are crediable websites/companies that make these parts for my elantra, dyno proven results etc...
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Well, generally more horsepower and better fuel mileage doesn't go together.

However most people see a slight fuel mileage increase when adding a CAI. Most populart (and least expensive) for the XD Elantras is using one from an Accord.

There are plenty of header and catback choices out there. You aren't going to get more than 15HP at most out of any of them. I/H/E together and you start seeing some performance gains though.

Good luck.
wow....i would love to know what intake will give me 6hp....and 8hp from a universal muffler:dead:

intake and full exhaust will mainly make more usable'n the flow up will help the engine not work as hard witch will result in a better MPG.....but as soon as you hear the better sound, you will be on the gas alot more:evil: resulting in less
It's not really a performance part, just an additive, but I've gotten better gas mileage with Militec...

Because my car doesn't do as well on synthetic (HLA tap), I decided to try this with conventional oil. I am unable to tell if I have any HP gains, but the engine runs much smoother and quieter since I put it in. My gas mileage has gone 1-2 mpg whether I'm driving like an a-hole or driving casually.

(And for those of you that own guns... it kicks ass there too)...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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