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Weighted knob question

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I just got my TWM short shifter in the mail yesterday, and I'm going to install it this weekend. I'm also looking at a weighted knob to go with it. Has anyone tried Razo WR Spec knob's? They one I want to get is 230g's or half a pound model RA113. Is Razo any good? Is that enough weight to put on the short shifter?
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From what I've read, a weighted knob will be pointless in the Accent. Now I don't have a manual tranny, but I've read that in other posts regarding weighted knobs.
230's not bad, i would go with it, i just got my twm shifter, im installing it saturday. I didnt get the weighted knob, but to each his own right? :)
I use a razo, it's okay. the finish kinda sucks on it after a few months.

I really liked my ichibahn wild thing knob, but after 3 years the adonized alum finally gave way and ichibahn has gone lower in quality.
So I installed the TWM short shifter on the weekend and all I can say is holy shight it makes a huge difference. Your only flicking your rist now instead of moving your whole arm. And the shifter is SOLID. It feels a million times better. But the effort required to shift is increased. So I ordered the knob to see if it helps.
Just cusious, but does anyone know how much the stock GT/GSi knob weights? Its mostly leather and cardboard, with a metal shaft in the middle.
Originally posted by pedroroach
But the effort required to shift is increased. So I ordered the knob to see if it helps.
That is the sole purpose of having a weighted shift knob. Having the extra weight at the top of the shifter will require less effort when shifting. I have the TWM weighted Type-R style on top of my TWM short shifter. It made a big difference in the amount of effort required to shift.

The only thing I don't like about it is that the knob sits higher than what I was using prior to the TWM. It probably just needs some getting use to though.
Here are some pics of the TWM shifter and Razo shift knob installed:

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