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First off i know next to nothing about cars haha so all help is awesome.

i have had my 2003 tiburon 5spd for about 3 weeks now and about 1 out of every 15 ignitions it has a little aggressive starting.
it seems to rev higher then usual right at the start and then climbs until i shut the car off (i let it sat and go up to around 4100rpm in about 12 seconds). If i reignite it to soon sometimes it does it again but i usually sit for2 minutes and it goes fine the next time.

One of the times it did it i decided just to back out of the garage. It went back without me giving it any gas although it felt like it was getting some as the rpm stayed higher than normal. i brought the rpm down with the brakes and idled in neutral for a bit and all was well the rest of the trip

It doesnt feel life/car threatening so im not too worried im just wondering if it could turn nasty down the road and if its an easy fix.
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