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Well i drive a hyundai again...

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I picked up a 2003 elantra gt navy blue, 5spd, leather and other goods. Driving impressions so far is that i really like the handling, the seating position, the radion is actually sounding pretty good for being stock. the only thing i don't like the auto throttle that keeps the revs up on shifts from 1st to 2nd.the car is pretty quick definetly quicker than my truck was but it needs a little more bottom end so i'll probably buy a CAI relatively soon. the car gets 18mpg more on the highway than my truck was getting so that is pretty much the reason why i let the truck go. i really wanted a titan but quickly realized that although i could afford the truck that it wasn't really worth spending 400 bucks a month on payments and then atleast that much a month on gas.
the elantra was 8400 bucks plus taxes and other BS, 41k miles and the only 5speed in my area. the color is not my favorite but it is growing on my pretty quickly. anyone here's some quick cellphone pics.

the only blemish on the car is the front bumper is tweaked on the bottom from when the persons that owned it before me towed it with an rv. they cut out little sections from the lower grill so that the frontal hitch could be attached. also the bumper is cracked a little on the bottom from the hitch flexing and smashing it down a little.

interior of the car is absolutely perfect.

anyway it feels good to be back(not that i ever really left)8D
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Want more balls down low after tha cai do this.

Replace pipe from the rear cat with cheap 2 1/4 inch pipe from local muffler shop

remove giant resonator

replace muffler with a generic "turbo" muffler..

seat of the pants says that was my best mod yet for torque. Very noticable down low.
i don't think i want to change the sound of the car though. it attracted alot of attention before on my accent. i think all i want to do is put a better stereo system in it, a very small drop, rims, and the cai.
I get more sound from my CAI than I do that exhaust setup. The most I notice from it is jumping off throttle above 4k and letting the engine do some braking. Then it rummbles a little from under the car. Other than that very quiet.
do you by any chance have a video or sound file of it?
my accent had the same thing like you said except for it had a generic magnaflow muffler and it sounded pretty loud, GOOD, but relatively loud.
Ive got one when I had a shorty intake. Its gotten alot quieter with the full CAI. If you want that sound byte I can email that to you or AIM me for it. Ill see if I can get something of the current setup tonight.
yeah if you can get a current clip of it i would love to hear it. thanks
I tired to capture a vid with my palm but its having some issues at the moment. Ill try to get some sound clips later. Another strongly reccomended upgrade is put Redline MT-90 in your trans. I love that stuff. ;):

sorry about the quaility. Taken from my Palm Treo
hmmm it does sound pretty quiet. i'll maybe do that after i get some other things done on the car.8D
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