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yes it was my first time to the track with my Tibby....I ran 16.23 WITH Custom CAI, MUFFLER and 17" Rims....i shouldn't have ran with 17's but i had no choice. i went with Skierd, Skierd's girl friend, and HolleyK.
Turbo Civic EX 15.5
CIvic SI PROBABLY with CAI and Exhaust system and header....15.9 POOR....
CAI prelude 15.3
Turbo Accent(yes) n/a he had some trouble with soemthing so he didn't run well..
a DUMP TRUCK n/a haven't seen him run
a Flat Bed 23
a Semi 25

can ya believe these folks running damn SEMI??? lol
i just thought i post it....seemed very funny running a damn TRUCK

I love my Tib
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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