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What can I do to my accent for upgrades?

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I have a 1997 Hyundia accent gt and i was wondering what upgrades are avilible for it
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What do you want? It all depends on what you plan on doing to the car. For now just go I/H/E.
Originally posted by fintile
For now just go I/H/E.
I/H/E = Intake/Headers/Exhaust
It depends on how much you want to spend. There's unlimited things you can do if you have the money for it. Go to the new guy section, you'll find alot of info there. Good Luck.
Also, check out the Accent/Excel/SCoupe board. Plenty of people that are, or at one time were. in your position. Like they said though... Intake, headers, and exhaust. It's the most common upgrade to any type of car, since it's generally a cheap and easy way to help your car breathe, getting the most hp/tq from what you've got. Take note that it won't add alot of power, but it will make the power that you already have, a bit easier to come by. It'll broaden your powerband, and the car will run more efficiently, but you'll only get 1-10hp out of the whole lot. food for thought.
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