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What do I want?

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I've been lookinginto Accents and am seriously considering getting one for a daily driver. For the time being I would keep it stock but eventually I would like to make it into a quick little car thats fun, yet still daily driveable. My goal would probably be breaking into the 14's in the 1/4.

So, a few questions. I would like to avoid an engine swap or nitrous if availabe so I'm assuming my only real option is a turbo. So, I've heard good things about the 1.5L and the 1.6L but I've heard that the 1.5L might be a little easier since the 1.6L is a returnless fuel system? Is this true? Which motor would you guys recommend if I want to reach 14's? Whichever motor I do boost, how many pounds of boost do you think I would have to run to get into the 14's? Whats a same amount to run? I've heard that they can run up to 10 pounds reliably.

Anyways, thanks for all your help guys!
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the best way to get there would probabley be doing a betaII swap, this being that they make internals for it thus allowing for more boost safely. However I'm planning on doing the same thing as you. I'm keeping my 1.6 in my 05 3dr and boosting it. Now kspec has told me that they do make internals for the 1.6 but i have yet to see them. some things to remember when boosting little motors like ours, size of turbo you need a turbo big enough to cool the air decently but bigger turbo's take longer to spool and also thermal tempatures in the exhaust manifold tend to peak in high rpm's if the turbo is to big. but on the other hand smaller turbos spool very fast but are gutless in high end and thermal tempatures are much greater. I would think you would need a pretty big turbo to reach the 14's. thus is my problem in deciding on a turbo to use
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