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What transmissions are compatible with a 98 Accent GSi?

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The tranny on my 98 accent just died. I've tried searching with no results. I am new to the hyundai platform (my daily driver, usually never breaks down so I never have to work on anything). What options do I have? Thanks!!
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Just pick up the tranny from the youngest Accent you can find at a scrapyard, which has the same engine as yours!.

do you have a manual or automatic, for a manual, a '97 to '99(maybe '96, not sure) trans will work, if you have an automatic, I'd suggest getting a new car as the auto boxes are known to be week, and one from a salvage yard may not be reliable, and a rebuild or a rebuilt one will most likely be at least twice the car's value(sad but true)
I have a manual transmission. No one knows if the 95-96 is compatible?
OK I found out that all hyundai accents from the years 95-99 (SOHC or DOHC) have the same exact transmission (or at least they fit). Feels so weird to be driving my Evo around as my daily driver, scared I'm going to get a speeding ticket! =)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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