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2ohms and 4ohms

please explain
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Dropping the ohmns is always better b/c you make the amp put out more power. More power means better sound. But you have to make sure what ohmns your speakers are and what ohmn load your amp can safely hanndle. For example if you have a single voice coil 4 ohmn speaker if you wire it with another one that would be a 2 ohmn load. Now if you have a dual voice coil speaker and each voice coil is 4 ohmns then it would be a 1 ohmn load with is okay as long as your amp can handle a 1 ohmn load. If not your going to blow it up. Also you can wire up the speakers together and then bridge it this will give you even more power from the amp. Most amps can handle a 2 ohmn load but if your not sure ask the stero shop that sold you the equipment.

Here is how to wire the speakers in a 2 ohmn load. If the speakers are single voice coil 4 ohmn. From the positive side of the amp run wire to positive side of the first speaker. From there run a second wire the positive of the other speaker.

Then do the same from the negative side of the amp to the negative side of the first speaker. Then from there you can run the second wire over to the second speaker.

You can make dual voice speakers with each voice coil at 4 ohmns run a 2 ohmn load. But you need to have four of them to do this. You can't make dual 4 ohmns voice coil speakers run a 2 ohmn load. With only two speakers you can only run a 1 ohmns load. The wiring would be the same except you would use one channel of the amp for the first set of speakers and the second channel of the amp to run the last set of speakers.

Usually when you drop the ohmn load it will double power. Lets say you run a bd1000 for example at 4 ohmns it pushes out 500 watts per one channel. Because the amp is only one channel. Anyway if you make it a 2 ohmn load it pushes out 1000 watts of power.

Then if you bridge it you can get even more power out of it. Bridging is where you run the positive wire from the left positive channel and run the negative off the right side channel.

The most in important thing to remember is that power doesn't blow speakers destortion does. More power means you can reach higher volumes with less destortion.

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