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I have an Elantra Touring that has a USB slot on the stereo. I have a 16GB USB stick and I put about 8 GB on it. The format of the files were The artist and albums had there own folders and the songs were in the folders. The problem is that the display says something but plays something else. For example, if it says Dave Matthews Band, and I select a song, it will jump to a totally different file like Coldplay and play that instead. I am doing exactly what the book is telling me to do.

At first I though it was a FAT Sorting issue so I sorted the stick with FAT Sorter. But it does the same thing. It shows all the folder in the right order but when I go and select a song, it plays something else.

I even tried to format the stick and recopy everything on it one folder at a time alphabetically, SAME PROBLEM.

Fixable or do I need a new stick? Is there a certain kind of stick I should get?

Thanks for the help!
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