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If you start thinking your tire noise is loud when driving, even on the freeway. Check your wheel bearings.

I was have excessive road noise the past 6-7 months maybe more I don't really know but 6-7 for sure. I thought it was just loud tires. Well I was taking off the rear wheels to repaint my drums and went to spin the right rear and it made a kind of dirty sounding noise. I just thought the wheel bearings needed to be regreesed on that side since the left rear wasn't making any noise and would spin for a little while. I took the drum off and the bearings out of the right side to look at the grease and I noticed the grease was there but just slightly. I spun the inner and outter bearings. The outter was fine but the inner was rough and kind of bumpy. I replaced it with a new bearing from NAPA and its all fixed and greased. The road noise disappeared and I can hear my exhaust and engine again! Good thing I checked into it.

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