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Wheel/Hub cap question.

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I need a set of hub caps for my 97 Accent, will any of the new 01-04 OEM hubcaps fit the earlier 97 13" steel wheels. Also are the the 13" steel wheels from the 01-04 the same and fit a 97? I assume they both wil work, but just want to be sure. Thanks!
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generally hub caps are universal it just depends if the lugs hold it in or if it snaps right in and make sure you get the same size.
no they will not work. the oem hubcaps that are on the 01-05, the lug nuts hold the hubcaps on, they don't clip on. and the 01-05 steel wheels won't fit either because the bolt pattern is differnt on the 97 it is 4x114(??) and the 01-05 is 4x100
Thanks guys! I did not know the bolt pattern was different. This kinda sucks, this is just for my daily driver and I was just trying to freshen the look up a bit.
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