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I'm a newbie. After the better part of 20 hours online I'm trying to find out where to find upgrade parts for my XG. By the numbers:
1 - angel eye headlight replacements
2 - short ram or CAI intakes
3 - front/ rear valances , side skirts (not really looking for a full-blown bodykit)
4 - does anyone make a powerchip/ ECU reporogram worth the money
5 - Is there any help or a chip to help the tranny shift/downshift any better
6 - Can the exhaust be split into duals, seems to be a hollow for the second muffler
7 - will a free flow cat screw the computer
8 - If I can source the factory Infinity Radio from the 04 or 05, is it a direct swap
9 - I'm 6'4" 300lbs, can I swap an 8-way seat or the mechanism for the driver's seat
10 - does anyone in the world make a ventshade for the side windows
11 - trying to cure the front-end snowplow, where can I find a larger sway bar, coils, can the larger brake rotors be retro-fit to my 03 from an 05
12 - looking for that piece I see at the top of the rear window on some of the cars in Korea, but in a smoked acrylic like the sunroof wind screen
13 - a lip spoiler for the trunk
14 - for bonus points, someone that can fabricate a the taillamp assembly in a different light configuration

I'd like to build a Maybach 57 clone with a better launch, since you can't speed brake past 2000 RPMs and more punch in accerelation at highway speeds. Any help or cautions would be appreciated.
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