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ok, orginally im a domestic kinda guy (G-body and N-body). Im getting ready to get married and take over the wife-to-be's 2000 Elantra GLS. Ive been window shopping and have found a few things and i need to know where to start since this is the first time ive worked on an import. i do know i have a good base to start with given the 2.0L DOHC motor and the 5 speed (i love going thru the geer box on this car)

Heres what im lookin at;
4-2-1 header (obx?)
Custom CAI with K&N filter
tib racing clutch
u-drive pulley
custom cat-back with a Borla muffler
short shifter
mild 15" rims and tires
ST lowering springs
98-04 grand am spoiler
fog lights
xenon headlights
racing seats

ive done a little hw, but where do i start... u guys have done this to these cars before.

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what year elantra?

for wheels rota wheels (i like the slipstreams) 15 inch way like 13lbs
i got 1st gen (1997-1999) tiburon wheels on my car they look alright plus for sleeper cars it still has the hyundai symbol in the cap

you should get a 4-1 header for a standard i got a 4-2-1 right now on my car (also standard) but people say a 4-1 is better

most tiburon (if you have a 1997-2001 elantra) motor parts work on our cars
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