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yesterday? If you live in the Atlanta area and you did not make it out to the meet you missed one hell of a time. Team SR organized a meeting in north Atl. The first organized meet by us ever, and we did not have too bad of a turnout. Next saturday there will be more folks and we will be grilling out. We even had a cop bring his hot rod up there to show it off. Team SR was there with 5 folks including me. 3 Accents, a Tib, and ofcourse Quick Dodge, well he is not a Hyundai but dont tell him that, we adopted him. But anyways if you live anywhere near Atl., hell if you live in Ga. you need to bring your asses out there and represent Hyundai. If you need directions call me @ (770) 471-8045(Scott). Or e-mail me [email protected]

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