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Which mitsubishis have the 4g63t 2.0l turbo motor in them????

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So i know close to nothing about mitsubishis and im looking to buy an eclipse/talon and im looking on and ebay to find one and i honestly have no idea what im looking for....what years have the motor that im looking for??
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any where from 1990 to 1999 eclipse gst or gsx. The gsx is allwheel drive and the gst is the front wheel drive. The first gens ended in 94? and the second gen went from 95-99 I think it was. Alot of the people go for the second gen gsx's it deosnt take much work to make them run 12's.
a side from the eclipse and eagle talon ,the galant vr-4 have the 4g63t engine also but i think they,re hard to find
yea the vr4's are hard to find.. they had a limited shippment but also the plymouth laser rs's got the 4g63t if im not wrong
im runnin the 4g63t in my excel hatch :smoking:
what are the chances of making a jdm galant vr4 twin turbo motor work???? i found one at an awesome price but is twin turbo possible???
its going to cost a lot to do it.
why do you want to go twin turbo? that alone is going to cost quite a bit and doesn't seem to make much sense.
why in the hell would you want to TT a galant? with some cash you can be doin 12s and 11s.. twin turbo i think would just be stupid:??:
I dont think they had a twin turbo galant the motor you found was probably for a 3000gt vr4. Those cars are stock with 2 turbos and all wheel drive and all wheel steering.
The strongest motor is the 1st gen Eclipse/Talons. 90-94. Most DSM tuners will swap their 2nd gen GST or GSX with an older Eclipse or Talon engine "6-Bolt Swap" because of its strength. The 2nd gen's have crank walk from the factory due to a faulty part fromt he factory. Sometimes you can tell in cars and sometimes you cant. It all depends on the DSM lottery of which one you got.

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The Twin Turbo Galant was available overseas in the 7G galants and up... They are the same engine as the 3000GT, but more HP.
more power than the 3000GT? That must be one impressive car! 3KGT VR4 is something like 320 stock but it is a HEAVY car. I always wanted one, but now I have my accent.

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